Sportzilla, charlesb52 and the SON.

My first name is Charles, and my surname starts with a B.               
Because charlesb59 wasn't that easy to remember, I chose charlesb52, like a Boeing..
Motorcycling since 1978 I started with a Kawa Z400, then a Honda CX500 and in 1982 a Triumph Bonneville T140E.

Since 1991 I'm riding and caring about Sportsters; from 1991 untill 2012 a tuned XL883>1200, called Sportzilla1 and from 2012 the XR1200, technically and optically tuned too: Sportzilla2.

Crossing Europe with joy; "Tanoshii!" they say in Japan, one of the most Sportster-minded countries in the world.

My friend Takayuki aka Bon advised me and now I use 楽しい ! as my motto.

Peacefully I throw my Sportster-bombs in the internet- and real world.

Not only Sportzilla, but also the Sportster Owners Netherlands (SON) forum & club has become more and more important for me since I started it in 2006: putting the Dutch Sportster-scene on the global 'motorcycle map'.